At the sole discretion of the National Association of Youth Courts (NAYC), NAYC may accept advertisements and/or website links on the NAYC website under the following terms and conditions:

1. The organization, company, or agency seeking to place the advertisement or link (the applicant) will have as it’s principal purpose, activities, goals, and standards that are compatible with those of NAYC.

2. NAYC shall have the right to specify an appropriate level of compensation for the applicant’s use of the NAYC website.

3. NAYC will have the right to the advance approval of any advertising copy or logo used in connection with the advertisement or link, including any future changes to the advertisement or logo.

4. NAYC will have sole discretion to determine the placement of the advertisement or link on the NAYC website.

5. When appropriate, NAYC may condition approval of the application on the right of NAYC to place a link and/or logo on the applicant’s website.

Consistent with any contract entered into between the applicant and NAYC, NAYC will have the right at any time to terminate the placement of the advertisement or link at its sole discretion, with or without cause.