To serve as an information clearinghouse for Youth/Peer/Teen Courts across the U.S

a. National Program Locator-Find out where a Teen/Youth/ Peer Court is near you!

b. Access downloadable resource information that can assist community & program leaders with
the development, implementation & sustenance of delinquency prevention & intervention
services as well. Forms, Procedures & Protocols used in successful programs are available.

Personal Training & Technical Assistance is a phone call away!

a. Telephone, written &/or on-site support for program development, implementation and/or
enhancement of program services.

Why Join the National Association of Youth Courts, Inc.?

Like all professional organizations, Membership in NAYC allows for a gathering of intelligent, like-minded
professionals that are immersed in the inner workings of their Youth/Peer/Teen Court, providing Members
with access to a variety of opinions and ideas. Additional benefits of Membership include:

• Continuing Education: Membership in NAYC provides the opportunity to link up with other service
providers. Members will learn from their peers and share their own program's services. Members can take
advantage of mentoring relationships with more experienced people who provide guidance and useful insights.
These relationships provide a source of answers and solutions when facing challenging situations in your
Youth/Peer/Teen court. The feeling that you have a support network behind you will boost your confidence
when challenges regarding funding, recruiting volunteers, etc., arise,

• Professional Development: Membership can help you emerge as a community leader by expanding your
knowledge of the diverse services provided by Youth/Teen/Peer Courts across the U.S. Members are enabled to
educate people, not just about your agency/program services, but about other options for expanded services.
Educating and interacting with the public about your program as well as others in the U.S. will enhance
your ability to familiarize your community about Youth/Peer/Teen Court nationally,

• Professional Credibility: Membership in NAYC demonstrates you understand the importance of professional
networking and that you are an invested member of the career field in which you are employed.

• Political Clout & Action: NAYC supports legislative developments that impact Teen/Youth Courts throughout
your state and across America e.g. the development of FSS 938.19 as a primary funding source for Florida's
Teen Courts. This revenue source was a direct outcome of the Florida Association of Teen Courts, Inc. The
accomplishments and participation of the agencies that make up Membership in a professional organization
have a significant political presence that exceeds that of individual members. Membership in NAYC enables
you to tap into and become part of the group’s potential to have political influence.

Joining the National Association of Youth Courts, Inc. is beneficial for professional development and your
career. The connections and friendships you will make, the resources made available to you, and the ideas
and advice you’ll discover, represent an outstanding return on what amounts to a modest investment of
time, money and effort. Additional Info: Membership Chair ~Devon Moore